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Mindful Summer

Mindful Summer

The summer is finally here for us to enjoy! With everything that is going on for us this summer, how can we still feel grounded and in tune with ourselves? 

Here are simple ways to do that:

Start your morning with a feeling of gratitude. It’s natural for us to wake up in the morning and immediately start thinking of what is planned for today. Before you reach for your phone first thing in the morning (kudos to you if you are the rare person who doesn’t do that), take a moment to think about at least three things you are grateful for on this beautiful summer morning.

Play a game of mindfulness when you are out and about. When you are walking, biking or just relaxing on a beach or in your backyard, take a moment to play “mindfulness game”. Notice three things you see in your surroundings, three things you hear (can be close and distant sounds), three things you feel on a physical level. After that, notice three feelings or emotions that are currently the most present in you.

Take a moment to meditate. Meditation is accessible to you almost everywhere. On a beach or in a comfortable lounge chair, turn your attention to your breath when closing your eyes. Even if it is five mindful deep breaths that you take while being fully present, that can shift your mood and perspective. 

Mindfulness is a concept that you probably hear about a lot these days. It doesn’t have to be complicated; there are simple ways to be more mindful every single day. From the bottom of our hearts at Baiiad team, we wish you a fun, mindful and enjoyable summer! Thank you for your love and support! 

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