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 baiiad is balance from within - manufactures stylish premium-quality yoga clothes

Welcome to Baiiad! We are a global yoga wear brand serving yogis around the world, headquartered in Canada. At Baiiad we believe in stylish premium-quality yoga clothes that bring the best in you, inspire you, and allow you to cater to your inner balance. All of that is without you having to break the bank. Baiiad is a yoga brand that is stylish and approachable, mindful and adventurous, fun and meaningful at the same time. After all, there is dual nature in everything.

Your journey through life is different from anyone else’s. Whether you're a stylish yogi, a yoga studio owner/teacher, health-conscious fashionista or an urbane working mom, there are still some things we can all relate to. Being a yoga teacher and yoga life-long student myself, I can relate to your needs and wants when it comes to choosing your yoga wear.

I understand the importance of that perfect combination of high quality, style and comfort in every yoga product, and that is what Baiiad is all about. I am also an artsy fashionista, and I know the amazing feeling of wearing beautifully crafted yoga garments. By offering stylish yoga wear at a reasonable price Baiiad makes that experience accessible to everyone.

At Baiiad we believe in providing a unique fashion experience while helping you along your physical and spiritual journey. Channel that inner balance by feeling inspired on and off the mat.

Baiiad — Balance from Within. - yoga leggings and tops from Baiiad Yoga

Our mission:

“Baiiad offers a unique fashion experience for stylish yogis, on and off the mat, by providing premium quality and comfortable yoga wear and gear.”


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