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Plastic Free

Plastic Free

July was a plastic-free month, during which we are all encouraged to be more mindful of the single-use plastic. This important event coincided with Baiiad initiative that is here to stay with us.

We have transitioned to a more environmentally friendly and sustainable packaging - for good! It is that choice that you make every single day that makes a difference in the long run. At Baiiad we believe in being green. All our items come in a recyclable and reusable mailer. There is a meaning behind the butterfly picture on the mailer, but we will leave this for our next blog post to tell you more about it.

Secondly, we use wrapping paper and a paper sticker instead of a plastic bag for your beautiful Baiiad items.

Thirdly, the tag is attached to your Baiiad garment with a cotton thread, not a plastic one.

We are very excited about this positive and permanent change! Every time you choose Baiiad for your journey of movement and self-discovery, you also give your preference to a company, that is socially and environmentally responsible all year long!

Plastic Free

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